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Upcoming safari trips for 2018:
3 days maasai mara camping safari.
5 days maasai mara, lake Naivasha & lake Nakuru camping safari
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Tips While on Safari

  • Respect local cultures and traditional livelihoods.

  • Do not photograph security installations i,e police stations, military barracks, presidential State house or motor cade.

  • minimize disturbance to animals by : keeping a good distance away from animals. Do not Surround animals with vehicles, instead keep in one straight line. Keep noise to a minimum That will not attract animals attention.

  • Do not wander out of the camp or lodge compound at any time, day or night.

  • Stay inside your vehicles at all times, only leave at designated areas and always remember To ask your guide on whether to come out or not.

While on safari travel tips
While on safari travel tips

  • Take care not to disturb nature's balance. Please do not purchase, collect or remove any Animals products or nests from the wild.

  • Never feed any animal as this can upset their diet and lead to an unnatural dependence on People.

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